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Packages & À la carte

Funeral services

When planning any funeral, there are two main options to consider as such through Reliant Funeral Services.

Funeral PackagesÀ la carte

Either of which have their own pros and cons.



Funeral Packages tends to be the option for a 
trouble-free funeral arrangement.

Packages are designed to have all the necessary items that the respective wake & funeral requires.

If family members nor The Late have any specific requests or requirements, this will be the most straight forward option to a trouble-free funeral arrangement.


  • Clear Pricing

  • Trouble-Free

  • All-in-One

  • What you see is what you get


  • Additional requests require top-ups

  • No refunds of unused goods

  • Minimal customisation to packaged materials

  • Package Materials may not fit every mourning family

As named, À la carte option is highly customisable.

This option is recommended when the family members or The Late has some specific requests.

Family informs us of these requests and, through transparent communication, we are able to arrange the right fit service/item where required.

Funeral final price will vary according to requirements.


  • Highly Customisable

  • Consignable Items

  • Flexibility

  • Exact arrangements of requirements


  • Higher amount of communication

  • Family to know requirements beforehand

Enquiries? Reach out now.

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