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We may feel lost, confused when losing a dearly beloved, or when we are expecting the loss.


Below is a quick guide to help you along the process.


There are a total of 5 key points.

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The next-of-kin should,

at all times, have:

  • NRIC of self

  • NRIC of person in question

Both NRICs will be needed at every point of documentation.



  • 1 Set of clothing for hospital use for dressing of departed

  • 1 Set of clothing, for embalmers to dress departed (Encoffin)


Inform our Funeral Director (FD) on location for the collection of departed for embalming / dressing.

(E.g. : Home Location / Hospital)


Things to know to ease funeral planning phase:

  • Religion of wake

  • Length of wake

  • Location of wake

  • Any other specific request

  • Cremation Location

(This will be important to know when processing Death Certificate)


If wake is to be held at void deck, resident NOK should book the relevant location for Funeral use.

Booking can be done via phone call to the relevant Town Council or EMSU (24hrs) hotlines.

General EMSU Hotline (24-Hour)

1800 2755 555


Photograph of Departed for enlargement


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